Wannago IPhone App

One of the lead Xamarin consultants and programmers on this Xamarin based complete reimagining of an existing Wannago Version 1.0 App. Involved taking high calibre UX designs and implementing them in challenging timescales. Covered Mapping, Async, Mvvmcross, IOS, varied and challenging UX styles. This was a purely remote role for Wannago who are based in San Fransisco, USA. Was actively involved in driving UX decisions when specifications needed extra work.

  • Xamarin.IOS
  • Wannago 2.0
  • Live Once. Live Well.
  • Top Tier UX
  • Offline Capability
  • Mapping and Place Searching


Data Services where provided with a Ruby Backend accessed via a REST API. C# Async functionality was used throughout entire app with emphasis on rapid user response and offline capabilities. Mvvmcross was used as the PCL based core MVVM framework with an IOS platform specific implementation for the UX. This core framework will be used for future Android version.
  • MvvmCross Implementation
  • Xamarin.IOS Platform
  • High Quality Custom UX
  • SQLite.NET for Offline Data Access
  • IOS Mapping Implementation
  • Rest API via JSON.net and Custom Client
  • Asynchronous Code Base throughout
  • Xamarin Components for Slick GUI
  • Amazon S3 Integration
  • Heroku / Ruby on Rails Backend


  • 30k+ Lines of Code
  • 60+ ViewModels
  • 30+ ViewModels