WherestheMatch.Com Web

Originally conceived in 2008 - "WherestheMatch.com is a website that shows you When and on what Channel live sport is on TV in the UK". A very simple, clean and valuable premise.

In 2016 / 2017 it was upgraded across all areas to provide access to 30+ Sports and a paypal based subscription model. Visit the site to see how it has evolved.

  • Football, Rugby, Cricket + More ...
  • Strong UX throughout
  • Premier Subscription Interface (No Ads)
  • Strong Identity and Brand
  • 30+ Sports Coverage
  • 5m Visitors per Annum


WherestheMatch.com was originally built using Classic ASP back in around 2008. This is what the original team shared the most fluency in (versus what was the most up to date technology).

It comprised of VBScript CRUD / DAL "classes" with extra "Business Logic" in seperate pseudo-"partial" file, it was as elegant as VBScript would allow. Yet, the main factor was KISS and get the site functional and Live. Stored Procedures in an SQL 2005 Database where used for the main grunt work.

This served the App well (and still does) until about 2012 where a Full Telerik ASP.NET Ajax Administrator Back End was added for controlled data entry. The database was now SQL 2008 by this time. LLBLGen 3.0 was used to create the DAL, with a simple Business Layer used for more complex core functionality. This Business layer is used both by the Admin Site and the App, and was intended to be used by an MVC version of the site for its next iteration (this has yet to be commenced).

In 2012 we overhauled both the UI, Site / Ads Layout, and ReWritten a lot of the old Classic ASP to be make more efficient use of an IIS Rewrite 2.0 module to reduce original file clutter.

Automated posting to Twitter, Facebook, Match Alerts and the like where completed in .NET using the new Business Layer.

In 2016 we overhauled the entire site, providing a free model with access to basic scheduling along with a premier subscription model with access to an ad-free lovingly designed paid site.

  • SQL Server 2008
  • IIS Hosting
  • Classic ASP and ASP.NET 4+
  • LLBLGen 3.0+
  • URL Rewrite 2.0
  • Search Stored Procedures
  • Telerik Ajax Admin Site
  • HTML 4 Front End


  • ~700,000+ Page Visits Per Month
  • ~40,000+ Registered Users
  • ~400,000+ Unique Users Per Month