WherestheMatch Android App

Building on the original IPhone release from late 2013, the Android version went live in Q2 2015. It has already had over 75,000 downloads with an average score of 4+.

  • Xamarin.Android
  • Android 4.01+
  • Top Tier UX
  • Consistent X-Platform Look and Feel


WherestheMatch.com already had a .NET 4 Administration Site at the stage of the inception of the App, and a lot of work had been done to provide clean seperation of the Presentation, Business Logic and Database Solution (SQL Server 2008).

Monotouch (soon to become Xamarin) seemed a very strong fit to allow the development of cross platform Apps for IPhone, Android and Windows.

The existing .NET Business Tier and ORM code was leveraged to create an SSL Web Service for synchronising data between the App.

One of the key features of the App was its ability to download fixtures and view them offline, so an SQLite database was used to provide this functionality.

Extensive research was performed into existing UI schemes across competitors, industry lead, and strong UX based Apps to provide an elegant and focused user experience.

This Android version leveraged the business logic from the previous IOS version cutting development time drastically for x-platform releases

Find out more details (and lots of screenshots) at the Play Store

  • Xamarin.Android Platform
  • SQLite.NET for Offline Data Access
  • Native Android Focus
  • LLBLGen for ORM based Data Tier
  • SSL WPF Web Services for Data Load
  • Shared Core Code with Android Application
  • Xamarin Components
  • Use of existing Android Components to retain consistent GUI on both platforms/li>


  • ~4800+ Lines of Code
  • ~15,000+ Active Users
  • ~75,000+ Downloads
  • ~500 Graphics Files
  • 4x Sports Coverage
  • 4.1 from 50+ Reviews

Trumpet Blow: Matthew Waring Designed and Implemented this entire App from Start to Finish.

He had help from a top rate Graphic Designer to create and refine the final graphics as per his original UX layouts.