WherestheMatch IPhone App

Originally concieved in 2008 (way ahead of any competitors in this space). Sadly, due to restraining business issues we could not embark on the creation of this App until the end of 2012. 4.5+ Star-rated, with over 20,000 users and growing, along with the Android version this will form the backbone of the future offerings, with many more ambitious features planned.

Update: October 2017, we have now upgraded this app to over 30 sports with a new interface and in-app purchasing for our subscription model.

  • Xamarin.IOS
  • Top Tier UX


WherestheMatch.com already had a .NET 4 Administration Site at the stage of the inception of the App, and a lot of work had been done to provide clean seperation of the Presentation, Business Logic and Database Solution (SQL Server 2008).

Monotouch (soon to become Xamarin) seemed a very strong fit to allow the development of cross platform Apps for IPhone, Android and Windows.

The existing .NET Business Tier and ORM code was leveraged to create an SSL Web Service for synchronising data between the App.

One of the key features of the App was its ability to download fixtures and view them offline, so an SQLite database was used to provide this functionality.

Extensive research was performed into existing UI schemes across competitors, industry lead, and strong UX based Apps to provide an elegant and focused user experience.

  • SQLite.NET for Offline Data Access
  • Monotouch.Dialog for Effecient GUI
  • Xamarin.IOS Platform
  • LLBLGen for ORM based Data Tier
  • SSL WPF Web Services for Data Load
  • Shared Core Code with Android Application
  • Xamarin Components for Slick GUI
  • Custom Ported JASidePanels for Top Slide Out Menu


  • ~5200+ Lines of Code
  • ~20,000+ Daily Users
  • ~600 Graphics Files
  • 30+ Sports Coverage

Trumpet Blow: Matthew Waring Designed and Implemented this entire App from Start to Finish.

He had help from a top rate Graphic Designer to create and refine the final graphics as per his original UX layouts.