Grood Android App

This was built in the second phase following the completion of version 1 of the Grood IOS App. It supported android 4.4+ and eventually worked on Android 7+ post-release as we iterated its development

Sadly the build shown in the video is not the latest one which was a major step up from this first iteration and more in line with IOS animations and polish.

  • Xamarin.Droid
  • Group Food Ordering
  • MvvmCross
  • Native AXML Screens
  • Top Tier UX
  • Real time App Interactions
  • Paris, France
  • Remote Working


There was an existing Web API for the web based restaurant sales business when we started building the mobile variant. So, as a proof of concept for the Xamarin based architecture, we built a mobile variant of the web site in terms of functionality but with a focused mobile UX.

Once the Xamarin prototype was completed and released to the app store as a successful Proof of Concept, then the bespoke work of creating the original idea of the Grood (Group ordering of food!) could begin. Built following the completion of the IOS Version, this leveraged Xamarin.Droid, Mvvmcross, Native Complex Screens, Local Storage, Mapping, Real Time interactions via Pubnub, Notifications for user information along with Async Web Services to talk to the backend, it had everything a cutting edge app uses in 2017.

  • SQLite.NET for Offline Data Access
  • MvvmCross for shared core business logic and UX rules.
  • Xamarin.IOS Platform
  • Native screens for pixel perfect UX
  • Web API and Async Consumer for Data Services
  • Shared Core Code with Android Application
  • Real-time messaging for Group Interactions
  • Maps, Image Work and Connectivity Monitoring


  • ~62000+ Lines of C#
  • ~5000 Lines of XML
  • ~1300 Graphics Files
  • 100s of Restaurants
  • 1000s of Menu Items

Trumpet Blow: I was fortunate enough to be the Lead Xamarin Developer on this project, working with some really
high quality team members to bring this to life with a relatively small team.