Matthew Waring

Software, Creative, Parent

Matthew Waring has been (amongst other things) a Tester, Software Engineer / Developer, UI / UX Designer, Consultant, Co-Founder.

He has worked across all areas of the Industry from Telecommunications, Banking, Recruitment, Financial Services, Price Comparison and lately Food Delivery.

He is primarily now using the Latest Microsoft Technologies, focused on Mobile Development with Xamarin.

After starting briefly out as a young gun on C++ / Unix on Sun Microsystems Workstations (which had back then, GIANT! Monitors) he has seen Static HTML, CGI Scripts, then COM Objects / C++ for Middle Tiers with Classic ASP. The arrival of .NET 1, Beautiful ORM Systems and now everything under the Sun is Possible with Mobile Frameworks, Open Source Cloud Databases ...

  • Software architecture, web development, design and software engineering, mainly using Microsoft Technologies.
  • Recent focus on mobile development using Xamarin Studio / Visual Studio (see Portfolio for various lead role full life cycle mobile releases).
  • Start-Up company foundation and direction. Successful development and implementation of several major commercial websites. Client facing skills.
  • Games development using Unity 3D with release on App Store (Android release coming soon). Currently looking at basic Vuforia usage for next title.
  • Ability to effectively manage a team of both technical developers and graphic designers and provide a bridge between the two disciplines.
  • That photo is a "little" out of date as its about 10 year old now ;)

Profile Summary

22 Years varied experience of both the Technical and Creative aspects of Web Design, Development and Architecture.

He now has over 5000+ hours of Xamarin and Mobile development experience

Past Decade running own Start-Ups Full Time.

Understanding and track record in both disciplines. If you need a spark of creativity, but the discipline and know how to get a technical job done. Recent Focus on Mobile Development using Xamarin Studio and 3D Games Development using Unity 3D.

Continued ability to quickly gain proficiency with new ideas / technology. Looking to work on the conception and completion of exciting projects, preferably with opportunity to use cutting edge technologies.

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Check out the Skills List. Constantly Looking for next challenge.


Not just a coder! Has an inate ability for how great UI layout should be. Hobbyist Illustrator and Games Developer. Relishes a role which can bring the best out of both his sides!


With proven track records across all kinds of industrys, disciplines and roles. Fully Appreciates and relishes the fact a dedicated specialist is stronger than an all-rounder on a specific subject, but not many professionals can bridge both disciplines to a strong enough level to discuss the specifics and inticracies in detail.


A lot of projects Matthew has worked have been created END to END. He can see the big picture of what is needed from initial idea or concept to successful completion, he also has a good understanding and level of the skills needed to produce these solutions.